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    The professional supplier of industrial automation electrical control cabinet and integrated system

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    About us


    Schneider electric (China) co., LTD

    Schneider electric is a global leader in sustainable energy management and industrial automation.We have deep expertise in energy management, automation and control, software and services, and are able to integrate connected operational technologies in ways that were not possible just a few years ago.

    Contact information

    Shanghai huatong electrical group electrical technology co., LTD
    The free service hotline: :400-869-7707
    Address: Shanghai goughexin road no. 1301 B building 5f · Shanghai electric park
    Telephone: 021-56558118 56558077
    The true: 021-63506020

    To learn more about distribution box distribution cabinet solutions, please visit the official website

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    Shanghai Huatong Electromechanical Group Electric Appliance Technology Co., Ltd